Got Nexus? & Four Tips for Donating Artwork to Charity

For many years, business owners had to ask themselves one question when it came to facing taxation in another state: Do we have “nexus”? This term indicates a business presence in a given state that’s substantial enough to trigger the state’s tax rules and obligations. Well, the question still stands. And if you’re considering operating your business in multiple states, …

Chief Judge Order Regarding Electronic Filing

The First Judicial District has updated the Chief Judge Order (2017-01) regarding Electronic filling. This new CJO provides District’s specific requirements for electronic filing via Colorado Courts E-filing (CCE) for all electronic case types. A copy of the CJO can be obtained from our home page at: CJOEfiling.pdf  

Highlight of March

Every fall, the 1st JD sponsors our Judges and Awards Banquet. This banquet is, in many ways, our “flagship” event of the year. The banquet is a unique opportunity to socialize with, and honor, our As- sociation members and judicial officers, and, in particular, an opportunity to recognize out-going and in-coming judicial officers. In addition, our Association honors several members …

Re-Discovering the Love of Being a Lawyer

I am frequently asked some version of the question, “why did you become a lawyer?” My stock answer to this question is, “because I ran out of viable options, and I knew my girlfriend (who I wanted to marry) wouldn’t tolerate my not having a life plan.” (Point of fact, said girlfriend is now my wife of over 10 years…). …

We Are All Civil Rights Attorneys

Recently, I had the privilege of presenting to a group of Jefferson County residents at Leadership Jefferson County Justice Day. I was a co-presenter with District Attorney Peter Weir. Pete presented regarding the role of the prosecution in the criminal justice system, and I presented on the role of the defense attorney.

When it was my turn, I asked the audience what they believed the most frequent question is that I receive from non-lawyers. Immediately, the audience responded with the correct answer of “how do you defend the guilty person?” My answer began with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”