About The Bar

The First JD Bar Association is an organization of licensed attorneys with ties to Gilpin and Jefferson counties, located just west of Denver, Colorado. We have approximately eight hundred lawyers and judges who are members.

Jefferson county includes a mix of suburban communities, foothills towns, and open spaces of every description and terrain. Gilpin county rises high to the northwest of Jefferson county. Traveling up into this county, the population centers around Denver are left behind, and the natural beauty that drew early pioneers remains largely intact.

Settling rugged terrain required rugged individualists. That pioneer spirit continues to run deep in our heritage. Other necessary attributes to take on “Rocky” mountains were cooperation, and a sense of community. These qualities also remain as a point of pride in our members, and in our court system. Enjoy your visit to our website. We offer our hospitality, and our members offer their service.


2016-2017 OFFICERS

President – Justin Ross
President-Elect – Chris Radeff
Secretary Treasurer – Joe Lusk

Matthew Durkin
Alison Foley
Andrew Hart
Ryan Hutton
Jennifer Kilpatrick
Andrew McLetchie
Sean Paris
AnnMarie Spain
Magistrate Marianne Tims

Judge Randall Arp
Jon Bradley
Kathryn Kurtz
Judge Mark Randall


Awards –  Bob Hoban
Banquet – Sherene Stenger
Bench/Bar –  Judge Lily Oeffler
CLE / Luncheon – Steve Cook
Community Relations – Open
Golf – Jon Bradley
Law Day – Magistrate Marianne Tims
Membership – Joe Lusk
Mock Trial – Amanda Cruser & Judge K.J. Moore
Nominating – Chris Radeff
Open House – Chris Radeff
Professionalism – Barry Meinster
Website – Open
Executive Director – Vicki Malara

Welcome to the 1st Judicial District Bar Association website. If there is anything you need to learn more about please reach out!President - Justin Ross

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